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Custom software means far more than custom code — It means making hundreds of strategic technical and design decisions. We have become experts at product development, so we can diligently help you make the right choices for your users and bottom line.

What we build

Agile. Collaborative. Transparent.

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Software is not an exact science, it is an iterative process of refinement and correction. Finding the right partner who can adjust quickly and accommodate the various demands of your business can be difficult. We believe we are that partner.

We start our process by helping you create a prioritized plan for a successful first release. Then we build your product in short cycles, meeting with you every 1-2 weeks to review the working software, ask questions, and adjust our plan as needed. This gives you the freedom to adapt, incorporate new information, and launch the best product possible.

Discover Deploy Design Develop Evaluate Iterate

Our Love Languages

We help companies innovate and grow with custom software that’s beautiful, reliable, and easy to use. We’ll work with you to mitigate risk, make smart trade-offs, and get maximum value.

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Our Core

Our Core

  1. Agile, first

    We believe building technology is an iterative process that requires flexibility, adjustments, and improvements that traditional development styles and big development houses can’t provide.

  2. Swim against the current

    We are iconoclasts. Culture breakers. Software prophets. We push out against preconceived solutions and the boundaries of software. Your product, your company, customized for you.

  3. Perfection through honesty

    We think of this as a partnership, one that’s based on being straightforward and trustworthy. We provide a reflective pool for your team’s ideas and our team’s technology to meet in an open, objective environment.

  4. Growing together through collaboration

    We work intimately with your team of industry experts and our team of technology experts to refine and enhance your technologies, business processes, and systems.

Making the right decision

Curious if we are the right agency for your project? We offer a free pre-project consulting meeting. Our team, composed of developers and designers, will dive deep into your goals and provide a consultative approach to finding the best solutions for you.

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