Digital Media

With so many different platforms out there, how are you to know which ones to be on and which ones you should advertise on? At Two Fish Creative we do extensive market research to find out what makes the most sense, whether you need to be on Pinterest, Tumblr, reddit, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube, Blogger or any other various platform out there. We create and manage full scale digital & social media plans that grow your business and connect you with potential customers where they are. Do Google ads really work? It's a question we get quite often and the simple answer is YES!But, you need a dedicated expert who can easily navigate the ever changing bid war that is advertising on Google. We strive hard to bring you maximum visibility at low cost-per-click, producing high customer acquisition. We are certified experts in Google AdWords and can manage your account to bring you new business at the best price possible. In today’s world Facebook isn't just recommended, it’s necessary. If you aren't utilizing its advantages, just know that your competition is. Facebook's algorithm only shows posts to 6% of your consumer base, to reach that remaining 94% takes a lot of time,energy, and know-how that we have.Two Fish can manage the necessary research,post creative, and planning needed to turn Facebook into a revenue generator.We custom tailor social media plans because we know each business and its clients are unique. We want to help you put your best fin forward to reach clients in a way that will produce results. Instagram can be an awesome revenue generator with the over 300 million DAILY users. The hardest part is creating a feed that a consumer wants to follow. With business this is extremely hard in a world of traveling bloggers and paid content managers who have feeds that most would envy. We can help you not only get targeted followers who actually live and shop where your business is, but also create an identity that can send thousands of users from your feed to your site.